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you bet!

Shara loves dramaturging all plays, new and old.


Shara is passionate playwright advocate and facilitator. She loves helping playwrights write the play they want to write and using rigorous research channelled into accessible, engaging, and evocative content to make theatre come alive for casts, creative teams, and audiences. She is an alumna of the Lark's Roundtable and Casting Apprenticeship.

Wanna talk about your play over coffee? Want in-depth production research? 

Past Dramaturgy Work:

The 74th Annual Dolphin Show: Gypsy 

- Created a comprehensive dramaturgy website for cast and creative team. 

- Conducted in-depth research at the New York Library for the Performing Arts and the Northwestern University Archives.

- Collaborated with sound designer, choreographer, and director to facilitate historically accurate production choices. 

- Served as an on-call researcher for Gypsy's director.

- Shared a presentation on Burlesque / Neo-Burlesque with Gypsy's cast. 

- Wrote a program note and letter to community to provide audience with historical / social context.

Time Stands Still

- Created a comprehensive dramaturgy packet and glossary for cast and team.

- Organized a trip to the Northwestern University Archives for cast and team to learn about women photojournalists and war photographers.

- Coordinated and facilitated a post-show talkback conversation with photojournalists from Northwestern University's Medill School of Journalism.

- Wrote a program note to provide audiences with sociopolitical context. 

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